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“Schiemann (co-author: The Rise of HR, 2015, etc.), the founder and principal of Metrus Group, says that his management consulting firm’s work over 25 years has “led us to the concept of fulfillment as a critical quality” that people may achieve with “a plan that brings out the best in themselves.” In this book . . . Schiemann discusses “ACE,” which he sees as the guiding acronym for achieving fulfillment: one thinks about one’s “Alignment” by creating life goals, pursues the “Capabilities” that one needs to achieve them, and makes choices that bring about continuous “Engagement.” . . . Schiemann also shares his own personal story about struggling to focus and sketches out the life maps of both fictional and real people. . . . . His advice to take time to specifically map out one’s goals, with specific targets and measures, is indeed practical, applicable advice, and it stands in contrast to the fuzzy positivity found in many happiness-oriented tomes.”


“. . . Human resources consultant Schiemann set out with an ambitious goal: to provide a process for every individual to life fulfillment, which he defines as “achieving one’s dreams and creating a lifestyle that brings exceptional happiness and inner peace.” In Fulfilled!, Schiemann not only meets that goal, he exceeds it. This is a book that, remarkably, offers a road map to fulfillment that is broadly applicable, whether a person is pursuing a career, building strong relationships with others, or even battling a life-threatening illness. . . .

“. . . .Schiemann masterfully employs stories of individuals, visually simple charts, and numerous questionnaires to actively engage the reader. . . . All of these qualities contribute to a book that is easy to navigate and understand as well as non-threatening. . .

“. . . While no book can legitimately promise life fulfillment, the reader who diligently follows the plan in Fulfilled! will likely be taking a very wise step in the right direction.”


“Fulfilled! Is a guidebook as well as a workbook – it helps you organize and chart the steps to find meaning in your life and your work, as well as supporting your organization in creating a culture where every employee can find that meaning. It’s full of true individual examples of people achieving real meaning as well as examples of people who missed the waypoints along the way and never achieved true fulfillment.

“. . . I really appreciated both the individual and organizational discussions about alignment, capabilities and engagement. They are simple and easily understood – and so impactful. This is one “How-To” book that ought to be on every HR leader’s bookshelf.”


“Built on years of experience and research, Schiemann has written a deep study into what makes a productive, balanced, joyful life possible!”

— Marshall Goldsmith: The Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World and author of New York Times bestseller-Triggers


“This book by Bill Schiemann could not only improve your life; it could save your life! I’m living proof of that. First, I saw the process taught to us by Bill, transform a sluggish company into a powerhouse that dominated its industry. Even more extraordinary were the results achieved when I applied these same principles to a deadly diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer. They immediately took me from feeling hopeless and powerless to feeling optimistic and empowered! Bill’s teachings did more than contribute to my physical survival. By having a vision and plan for getting well, I was able to experience joy and peace of mind throughout the cancer journey, as well as to greatly improve relationships with my husband and children.
This is a must read for everyone who wants a life fulfilled!”

— Marissa Harris, Life Coach, Former CHRO, CIT


“A refreshing and practical approach brilliantly written by William Schiemann on one of the global main topics being discussed today in the workplace. He provides deep and clear principles, as well as useful tools that enlighten us to conclude that perhaps the great business of life is not business, but to get a fulfilled life.”

— Jorge Jauregui Morales, President, World Federation of Personnel Management Associations


“If you find yourself more and more overwhelmed by the boundaryless, collective and complex lives we lead, full of multitasking, catching-up, speeding-up, and being reactive to global, technological, demographic and economic shifts, Bill Schiemann’s Fulfulled is the book for managing your personal and professional lives. Once again Bill has written a book that you will carry around with you for thought leadership advice, inspiration, and to ensure you have the right tool at hand just in time.”

— Laura A. Mindek, President and CEO, MindShift Solutions, Past President of International Woman’s Forum NJ


“Fulfillment is a must read for anyone who interested In living an intentional and fulfilled life, meaning, in my opinion, everyone should read this book, Bill clearly touches upon something that is important to all of us—fulfillment—providing practical advice for both organizations and individuals on how to achieve it. Every individual and organization should be adopting this thinking in how they engage and develop themselves and the organization’s they support. Simply put, this stuff works.”

— Jim Leighton, COO Boulder Brands, Former President, Purdue Foods


“Bill Schiemann has hit the nail on the head. Every organization should be looking at the fulfillment of their talent. Personally and professionally fulfilled people are a competitive edge. Organizations and people win when they are aligned in purpose and meaningfulness.”

— William Ingham, Vice President, Global Human Resources, Visa, Inc.